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Custom Design-Select your custom purchase from bundles of skins, which will be assembled into a coat or jacket made to your exact specifications. Our Design process is very elaborate and detailed. This ensures that you receive the exactly what you desire. First, you select a style. This can range from a style in our inventory, it can be mirrored from something you have seen in the past, copied from a magazine, or we can create a new style just for you.

Next, you select the type of fur you would like. Then, your measurements, and exact specifications are documented. We then acquire bundles of skins so you can hand select the materials which make up your Masterpiece. Along with the skins you also get to pick a custom lining for your garment. We assemble the garment and then you are required to come in for a fitting. After the final touches, such as: buttons, hooks and eyes and your personalized monogram are added to your creation, you are left with a beautiful, luxurious fur, that when properly cared for, will last a lifetime.

Restyling-Our Restyling process is quite similar to our Custom Design process, except for the fact that we use your own garment. Let’s face it, people change as well as styles, and as long as your garment has been properly cared for, and maintained, we can make it look like the latest style, and the fit will be better than the day you purchased it!

Repairs-We are able to do any type of fur coat restoration and repair work that fur garments could possibly need. Whether it be as simple as replacing a hook, or as complicated as matching skins to fix a large rip, then sewing the garment back together so it is unnoticeable. No problem is too big or too small. After being in business for 55 years there is nothing that we have not seen, and as for fur coat repair work our recommendation is simple, fix the problem as soon you as can. The longer you wait the more troublesome it becomes. We take great pride in our work and it is our pleasure to make your garments look the best that they possibly can. Complete list of fur coat repairs and services we provide:

  • Repairing rips
  • Repairing or replacing fronts
  • Repairing or replacing pockets
  • Repairing or replacing cuffs
  • Repairing or replacing arm shields
  • Repairing or replacing yokes
  • Shortening or lengthening coats or jackets
  • Shortening or lengthening of sleeves
  • Relining of coats or jackets
  • Replacing hooks, eyes, buttons, or loops

Cleaning – Re-Vitalize your garment by allowing us to clean and glaze it through the furrier method. This process restores your fur or leather, and along with cold storage is a necessity to prolong the life and value of your investment.

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