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Pre Owned Fur Coats

The luxury of a fur coat is essentially timeless and classic, giving a beautiful statement look to your already glamorous attire. At George's Furs, we know the exact look you are going for, which is why we carry a full line of fur coats and garments from size 6 to 22, and priced as low as $300. These Full length Coats, Jackets or Vests have been cared for Exclusively by George’s Furs, specifically handled in the proper, delicate way. Each of our garments are handled with professional excellence to keep their exceptional beauty pristine. They are in above average to excellent condition, and if are continued to be cared for properly will last a lifetime. The right care for your fur can be handled by our expert professionals or we can guide you on the best way to keep your piece in perfect condition.


We also have a consignment section in our showroom that offers various furs for sale by outside sellers, not owned by George's Furs. While these coats may not be ours, we do maintain their coat and care so that you know you will always get top quality furs from our shop. These coats come in a variety of sizes, styles, and prices. Our professionals are happy to help you and answer any questions you may have, acting as a middleman for the seller of the garment. Whether you are looking at our preowned selection or the consignment selections, these fur pieces are offered at phenomenal bargains, and we have no doubt that we can accommodate anyone’s need no matter the size or price range. We have between 150-200 fur coats and garments combined in our showroom at all times.

Below are a few photos of our Certified Pre Owned Fur Coats.

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